1. Where is LE studio YEG located?
We are located in the heart of Downtown Edmonton at 10517-124 street.
2. How do I book a time to rent LE studio YEG?
Click on our booking page and it will direct you to your options.
3. What is the minimum booking time?
Our smallest booking time is a 2-hour time slot. This ensures that there is time for cleanup and exiting the premises upon completion of your photo shoot.
4. Can I book LE Studio YEG for events?
We are not currently open for events. Maybe in the future.
5. Can I book the space for a full day?
Yes, you can. Email us at lestudioyeg@gmail.com and we will send you an invoice for a full day.
6. What are the studio hours?
We are open from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.
7. Can I host a workshop in the space?
We are not currently able to accommodate workshops as they would fall into the events category and we are not an events space.
8. I am not a photographer but I want to use the space for some video content and content creation. Can I book it?
Yes. We are a photography rental studio open for creatives, videographers, photographers, influencers, etc. As long as you agree to our studio policy, you are more than welcome to rent the space to create content. We do require the purpose of the shoot before you book to ensure that we are aligned with our studio policy. If you are not sure whether you can book our space or not, please email us at lestudioyeg@gmail.com with your inquiry. 
9. Do you have a list of the props available in the props room?
We are working on taking photos of the props available in the props room. We currently have: backdrops, backdrop stands, fabrics, rugs, chairs, vintage phones, vases, plinths, disco balls, books, art books, etc. 

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