No photography/video, noise, loitering, storing, putting up signs in the back patio, outside stairs, and parking. The rental fee you paid is strictly for the use of LE Studio YEG.
There’s no elevator in the building. Please bring your setups and equipment to the studio location VERY CAREFULLY without damaging building property or scratching the doors, stairs and walls.
BE RESPECTFUL of tenants across from the Studio.
LE Studio YEG cannot be used to photograph and film pornography, violence, racism, or any content that we believe will discriminate against and/or harass others on the basis of race, gender, disability and age.
For hygiene purposes and to maintain the cleanliness of the floor and rugs, please only use clean footwear or socks in the studio. If you fail to comply, we will charge you a damage fee of $500. In case of stains, dirt or damages, you will be charged for repair or full replacement of the damage as inspected by management. 
PLEASE BE AWARE THAT OUR FLOOR IN THE PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO AREA CAN EASILY BE DAMAGED. We ask that you do not drag furniture over the floor, wear dirty footwear or wear footwear that could damage the floor.
LEAVE THE STUDIO CLEAN AS FOUND. We do not charge a cleaning fee upon booking. The Renter has to clean up and leave the space as found. If the studio is left dirty, we will charge you a cleaning fee.
Cleaning supplies, a broom, a vacuum cleaner and a mop are located in the shower in the bathroom (behind the curtains). Please return all the equipment to its original space after cleaning. 
There are garbage bags in the cupboards under the front desk. Please use these bags to clean up after your shoot and take your trash with you. Please DO NOT LEAVE TRASH behind you in the studio space when you exit the premises.
NO GLITTER. Removing glitter requires more time to clean and may stick to our floors and furniture. If you fail to comply, you will be charged a damage fee. In case of damages, you will be charged for repair or full replacement of the damage as inspected by management. 
NO SMOKING. Smoke smell may stick and leave discolouration on our walls, curtains and furniture. If you fail to comply, your deposit will be forfeited. In case of damages, you will be charged for repair or full replacement of the damage as inspected by management.
NO FOOD OR ANY LIQUID in the living room. If your shoot includes alcoholic beverages/bottles, only new original sealed bottles/containers should be used. If you fail to comply, your deposit will be forfeited.
NO FIRES, FLARES, or SMOKE BOMBS. If you fail to comply, your deposit will be forfeited. In case of damages, you will be charged for repair or full replacement of the damage as inspected by management.
PLEASE DO NOT STAND on chairs or sofas.
NO PETS allowed.
NO ALCOHOL or use of any RECREATIONAL DRUGS. If we suspect that a member of your party is intoxicated or impaired, we reserve the right to ask them to leave the premises. 
If your shoot includes candles, bring drip protectors. Open-flame candles will drip wax onto floors and other surfaces and could cause damage. 
PLEASE RESPECT THE SPACE. Dispose of garbage and recyclables after your booking. The garbage container is located in the building parking lot.  
The studio’s maximum capacity is 10 people. If this is not respected, your security deposit will be forfeited. This is strictly enforced.
The kitchen is currently only for management use. 
DO NOT SHOOT in the mezzanine. The mezzanine is for management use only.
You are allowed to shoot on the black staircase leading to the mezzanine. However, NO CLIENTS OR RENTERS are allowed in the mezzanine.
DO NOT CHANGE THE THERMOSTAT or try to adjust the heat in the winter. This may cause our pipes to burst. 
For small events or events with more than 10 attendees, please send us an inquiry to so we can go through the details of your booking and ensure that your event complies with our studio policies.
What we consider events are workshops, bigger production shoots, small weddings, etc.
Please, email us at if you have any questions.
Please, be respectful of the props you use in the studio.
Access to the props closet is limited to Renters who have booked the props option at the time of booking. If you wish to use props and did not book that option ahead of time, email us at and we will send you an updated invoice.
No water or liquid on the props. The props need to be returned in their original condition for other renters to use.
We do not accept reservations or provisional bookings. 
The purpose of the rental must be specified when booking the studio.
All bookings have to be paid in full at the time of booking through our online system. 
All bookings of photoshoots are done online via Our calendars are always updated and show the latest availability. 
Only bookings with a minimum of 24 hours before booked time can be booked online. For immediate bookings, please email us directly at 
You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your booking and payment have been approved.
No refunds for unused hours or no-shows.
Management and staff may enter the premises during your booking for maintenance or security purposes. We will try to respect the privacy of your booking as much as we can but please be aware that we might need to come and go while you are on the premises.
5. Confirmation of Booking
Your confirmation email will have the details of your booking, including the entire duration of your booked time that INCLUDES set up, teardown and cleanup. Please, plan ahead and book accordingly. 
6. Extensions and Overtime
If you need to extend your time, please contact us at least 1 hour before your booking ends. If there is availability and there’s no booking after you, you may extend in 1-hour increments. 
If you go over your time without prior notice or if you leave the studio later than the end of your booked time, an overtime fee of $50 + GST per 5 minutes will be charged to your card on file. 
7. Attendees
The space allows a maximum of 10 total attendees in the studio at a time for photoshoots. Your deposit will be forfeited if capacity limits are not observed.
The studio is fitted with decor and furniture, and all attendees including kids and babies are under the Renter’s full responsibility and strict supervision when inside the studio. 
8. Parking
Free parking is available on 124th Street in front of the building. There is also paid parking on adjacent streets. Please, check the parking rules. LE Studio YEG is not responsible for any damages that may happen to your car, or responsible for parking tickets.
9. Moving Furniture and Decor
DO NOT DRAG FURNITURE AND BIG DECOR. Pushing or dragging furniture across the floor ruins the floor AND the furniture. All furniture and big decor must be moved by 2 or more people. 
Return all furniture and decor back to the props closet or as found before leaving. If you leave a mess or if decor or furniture are left NOT where you found them, you will be charged an automatic additional fee for cleanup and/or reorganization. 
10. Noise
The studio is not soundproof. Keep the noise level to a reasonable volume, including any use of music. 
11. Cameras System
Video cameras are installed in all common areas of the studio except inside the bathroom. As a security measure, this will be used to confirm any damage, theft, leaving the studio late, or any violations of studio policies.
12. Damages and Missing Items
If you break, stain, rip, or damage in any form the studio and/or building properties, you will be charged for repair or full replacement of the damages plus an admin fee as inspected by management.
If your security deposit has already been refunded but damage/s or missing item/s have been confirmed, we reserve the right to bill you and charge the card on file for the cost plus an admin fee of damage/s or missing item/s.
Broken, damaged, scratches and/or stained decor fees range from $100 to $10,000 or more plus GST depending on which item/s and the severity.
Fees for other studio and building property damages but are not limited to such as walls, windows, lights, stairs, pillars, ceiling, and anything electrical will be based on a contractor’s bill plus an additional admin fee.
Loss of income due to damages and/or missing items will also be billed accordingly.
13. Cancellations and Rescheduling
Cancellations and rescheduling terms are non-negotiable and implemented without special treatment to any bookings.
Management does not issue refunds. Management only offers studio credit/rescheduling option usable within 8 weeks starting from the originally booked date.
Please, email studio management at to rebook.
There will be no studio credit or rescheduling if you notify us less than a week before your booking.
The Renter may reschedule 1 time if they notify management 7 days before the original booking date. Please, email studio management at to rebook.​​​​​​​ 
In rare cases that management may need to cancel or reschedule your booking (i.e. repairs, maintenance, emergencies, unforeseen events, etc.), management will provide a 100% refund.
The management is committed to providing a space in good condition but does not make any unique guarantees on the studio’s suitability to the renter’s needs and requirements.
LE Studio YEG is not responsible for events beyond its control affecting the booking, such as power outages, construction works, weather, emergencies, force majeure, lockdowns, etc.
The Renter bears the responsibility and assumes liability for themselves and all the attendees while inside LE Studio YEG premises.
Renter agrees that LE Studio YEG holds no liability for any damage or injury caused by the use of the studio or rental items to the Renter or any third party. The Renter assumes all risks of personal property damage or personal injury. If an accident involving the studio's rental items has occurred while it is in the Renter's possession, Renter shall make LE Studio YEG management aware by a written statement of details of the occurrence of the event, including a police report and names and addresses of witnesses, if applicable.
LE Studio YEG is not responsible for injuries or accidents to the Renter/s, Renter’s employees, Renter’s contractors, Renter’s clients, and all Renter’s guests inside or outside LE Studio YEG premises.
Renter will be liable for any physical damages, legal actions, and/or loss of reputation or business opportunities that LE Studio YEG may incur as a consequence of the actions of the Renter or any of the Renter’s guests while the Renter is in control of the Studio, and shall indemnify and hold harmless LE Studio YEG against any and all legal actions which may arise from Renter’s use of the venue.
The Renter agrees that in violation of any protocols/terms/conditions/rules/policies, etc., LE Studio YEG does not have to refund any monies paid for past or future bookings and Renter may be subject to additional financial or legal penalties.
15. Additional Fees in Summary
* Without notice extension/leaving late: $50 + GST per 5 minutes
* Use of dirty footwear on the floor and rugs: $500 damage fee charged to credit card
* Use of glitters: $500 damage fee charged to credit card
* Smoke (recreational drugs included): $500 damage fee charged to credit card
* Food or any liquid on and around the lounge area: $500 damage fee charged to credit card
* Fires, flares, and smoke bombs: $500 damage fee charged to credit card
* Dirty, messy, and studio not as found: up to $500 + GST
* Broken, damaged, scratched, or stained furniture and decors: $100 to $100,000 plus GST
* Damage to other properties (i.e. walls, windows, lights, stairs, pillars, ceiling, and anything electrical): subject to contractor’s quote PLUS an additional admin fee
* Garage door not closed and/or main door unlocked: $1000 damage fee 
For any questions regarding our studio policies, please email us at
Thank you.
Lindsay & Emilie
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